Norse Mythology in Fantasy Fiction

Join Lucas and Miranda for their first panel interview, where they talk about Norse Mythology in Fantasy Fiction.

They are joined by:

Professor Carolyne Larrington, a tutorial fellow in medieval English Literature at St John’s College, Oxford. She is author of The Norse Myths: A Guide to the Gods and Heroes.

Joanne Harris, author of four Norse fantasy titles – RunemarksRunelightThe Testament of Loki and The Gospel of Loki – all set within the same fictional universe.

Francesca Simon, author of three norse fantasy titles – The Sleeping Army and The Lost Gods, and The Monstrous Child. She is currently writing a new children’s book series called Two Terrible Vikings.

Becky Hill,  ex-librarian, book blogger, a dedicated pilgrim of The JORVIK Viking Festival, and life-long bookworm. She has a particular obsession with anything Viking such as culture, history, art, literature, comics and games and of course books.

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