Penny Universities or Temples of Venus?: Georgian Coffee-Houses

Barley Hall – a medieval townhouse owned by the JORVIK Group – is getting a Coffee House! Opening July 23 2022, continue your historic exploration of York with a relaxing hot drink in the new Barley Hall Coffee Shop. More than a cafĂ©, immerse yourself in the history of our newest venue, once home to Thomas Gent’s printing shop and an 18th-Century coffee house. Perfect for refreshment indoors, or al fresco in the aptly-named Coffee Yard. 

In this episode Miranda and Lucas discuss the history of Coffee Houses, in the Georgian Era they could be known as Penny Universities, a place where men from all walks of life could gather and engage in intelligent conversation. But they could also be known as Temples of Venus where men could engage in… other activities. You’ll learn about the introduction of Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate into England… Miranda and Lucas even perform an ode to Tea! What more could you want? Grab your coffee and tune in!

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