Barley Hall, A Hidden Gem of York (Introduction by Dame Judi Dench and Robert Hardy)

Did you know that right in the middle of York, just a few minutes from the Minster, lies a Medieval Townhouse that’s been restored to its former glory?
Rediscovered beneath layers of redevelopment and remodels, Barley Hall was slated for demolition before the York Archaeological Trust embarked on an ambitions dig and restoration of this one-of-a-kind Medieval building.
Join Miranda, Lucas, Judi Dench, and Robert Hardy to hear more about York’s Hidden Gem.
To hear more about Barley Hall’s new exhibition the Bard at Barley Hall, check out episodeĀ 44. To hear about the new Georgian Coffee-House opened next to Barley Hall, check out episodeĀ 45.

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