It Wanders at Night: A Viking Draugr Horror Story

Join us for the last installment of our four spooky historic Halloween episodes as we bring you the terrifying tale of It Wanders at Night; a very sinister Viking tale!

In this episode we hear the horrifying story of an Undead Viking known as a Draugr and the tragic story of the hero who stopped him, adapted from the Sagas of Icelanders.

This is our final story, but you can still go back and listen to the others. Episode one The Haunted Moorland and episode two The Invisible Drummer, and episode three The Thing That Came in the Night.

To hear last year’s Draugr story check out Episode 22 – Draugr: Sagas of the Viking Undead.

And for a funny video version of this episode, check out the JORVIK Group YouTube channel.

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