The Saga of Sigrid the Haughty

This season has focussed on Viking-age women from Valkyries to shield maidens, for the final episode of our Women’s History season, Miranda and Lucas tell a story adapted from the Sagas of the Kings of Norway – the tale of the infamous Sigrid the Haughty.

As a queen, a mother and a fabulously wealthy woman Sigrid expertly navigated the politics of Viking-age royalty and ruthlessly defended her riches and honour from the kings who sought to steal her away.

The other Sagas mentioned in this episode:
What a Dil-EMMA!: Queen Emma of Normandy
The HARALD of Change!: Harald Hardrada King of Norway
Beyond Be-LEIF!: Leif Erikson the Lucky

Cast list:
Sigrid – Alix Lucas
King Vissavaldr – Adam Seymour
King Harald – Sam Gimes
King Olaf – Tom Longstaff

Blood Eagle by Alexander Nakarada |
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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