A Journey to Ad Gefrin with the Anglo-Saxons

As some of you may know, the Vikings we celebrate and teach people about were Anglo-Scandinavians, meaning they were part Norse and part Anglo-Saxon. 

In this episode we get hear more about the Anglo-Saxons who populated the area known as Northumbria before the Vikings arrived. 
Come along as we embark on a compelling exploration of Ad Gefrin, an Anglo-Saxon Museum and Whisky Distillery nestled in the heart of Northumberland. Join us in conversation with Chris Ferguson, the Director of Experience at Ad Gefrin, as we uncover the Anglo-Saxon history within the museum’s exhibits and the archaeology of the local area. 
Discover the unique blend of heritage and spirits that defines Ad Gefrin, offering listeners a captivating glimpse into the rich tapestry of the Anglo-Saxon era.

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