Ragnarok Unveiled: Twilight of the Gods

It’s getting cold, and dark, which means its the perfect time to talk about Ragnarok – the coldest and darkest story of all!

In this episode, we journey deep into the heart of Norse mythology to unravel the legendary tale of Ragnarok – the Twilight of the Gods.

What lead to Ragnarok, and is it avoidable?

From imprisonment of Loki’s children to the death of the god Baldr, tensions escalate, setting the stage for the ultimate clash between gods, giants, and just about every epic baddie in Norse Mythology. We’ll look at Fimbulwinter, the crowing of roosters, and the earth-shaking re-emergence of Fenrir, the Midgard Serpent, and Hel. We’ll discuss the epic showdown, explore the fate of key characters, and find hope (?) in the aftermath.

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