Cracking Kennings and Confounding Riddles: Exploring Viking and Anglo-Saxon Wordplay

Join us this New Year’s Day for an intriguing exploration of Viking riddles!

Today were joined by Max, a seasoned JORVIK Viking,  who unveils the world of Viking riddles, from clever kennings to the downright silly.

Explore the artistry of kennings in Viking poetry and dive into the Saga of Hervor and Heithrek, where “Gestumblindi’s” (read: Odin in disguise) riddles range from clever to comically bizarre. We also go through a few Anglo-Saxon riddles, which quickly go from quite highbrow and religious, to salacious and a bit ridiculous.

Tune in for a unique blend of linguistic wit, intelligence, and a touch of silliness as we unravel the tapestry of riddles in Viking and Anglo-Saxon cultures. 

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