Mythical Mischief Revisited:Loki and the Golden Apples

Thank you all who partook in JORVIK Viking Festival 2024, whether in person or online! We had so much fun that we need a small hiatus to recover, so this week we’ll take a look back at a saga from last year:

Gather ’round once more, dear listeners, as That JORVIK Viking Thing Podcast revisits the legendary tale of Loki and the Golden Apples in an enchanting encore presentation! Join the ever-curious Silly History Boys as they spin the yarn of a mischievous trickster, a mystical bird, and apples that bestow immortality.

In this reawakening of divine mischief, immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Norse mythology as the gods partake in a peculiar dating show! But the adventure doesn’t end there! Lucas and Miranda then take a dive deep into the morally ambiguous character of Loki and ponder the logistical intricacies of those coveted immortality apples.

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We’ll be back in two weeks with a brand new episode – see you then!

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