The Silverdale Hoard with Gareth Williams – 2022

Items from the Silverdale Hoard are now on display in JORVIK Viking Centre. Join Dr Gareth Williams of the British Museum for this talk live from the gallery.

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Join Gareth Williams as he discusses the Silverdale Hoard, one of the largest Viking hoards ever discovered in the UK and currently on loan to JORVIK Viking Centre from Lancashire County Museum Service.

Discovered in a lead container in Lancashire, the Silverdale Hoard is comprised of over 200 pieces of silver rings, hacksilver and coins of Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Arabic origin.

The hoard provides a fascinating window into 900AD – a time of intense conflict between the Anglo Saxons and Danes in the north of England, and a time when the trading town of Jorvik was at its peak.

An intricately crafted silver armband with a twisted dragon head set against a black background