Schools Week

Welcome to That JORVIK Viking Thing: Schools Week

From 8 – 12 February, you have free access to our library of new video content, and daily livestreams at 10am and 2pm. 

Instructions for teachers

You can share this page with your pupils – all the content is child-friendly.  

Don’t forget to visit the ‘Education’ pages on our main website for lots more resources, particularly in the ‘Discover from Home’ section.

The daily livestreams are broadly the same in content each session, so we’d anticipate most schools will just watch one, at a time to suit their timetable. If you enjoy our livestreamed Virtual Viking sessions, why not book a virtual outreach session for your class?  Prices are £85 for a single session, and these are lockdown-friendly, so pupils learning at home can join in, too. 

And finally, do encourage your pupils to participate in That JORVIK Viking Thing next week (15-20 February), with even more livestreamed content, videos and daily sagas.  Most of the content is free to access.

If you have any problems, please email