Your journey starts here

If this is the first time you’ve started looking into Viking history, or indeed want to know who we (the team from JORVIK Viking Centre) are, then this is the perfect place to start!

Who Were the Vikings?

When we mention the Vikings, lots of people imagine warriors with swords, axes, round shields, and leather armour. But is that what they were really like? In this video, learn about their language, religion, and even what their society was like.

Who are we?

But how do we know all this about the Vikings? Join our archaeologist as he discusses the Coppergate Excavation and how it changed our understanding of the Vikings in Britain.

360 Tour

Now that you know all about the Vikings, their arrival here in Britain, and how we excavated them, take a virtual visit of our world-famous ride through the 10th century! How many archaeological details can you pick out?