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What is That JORVIK Viking Thing? Learn more about the Podcast and the people behind this award nominated show.

What is the JORVIK Viking Thing?

In Viking times, a ‘Thing’ was a gathering; a place where leaders and warriors could meet and talk. In the 21st century, our ‘Thing’ is a virtual place where Viking academics and enthusiasts from around the world can come together to share knowledge. So hold on to your helmets for That JORVIK Viking Thing Podcast!

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Listener Reviews

This Podcast, I like it, another!
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Educational, fun and a lovely easy listen! A great way to keep up with new knowledge about the Vikings linked with new archaeology! Always varied subject and always a great listen! Kind Regards your Dear Uncle Bob Bob
@Jonny Huddersfield
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What a great podcast full of information and knowledge, thanks guys Trigvi Tree Hammer
A great listen
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Love this show! Well researched and always interesting. Love the stories they tell!
@Rowan B B
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All the episodes I've listened to have been great - I particularly love the breadth and mixture of history and myth that is covered - from the scientific/historical angle of the Fimbulwinter episode, to the stories if the Yule/Polar bear and history of Ragnar (both fantastically narrated) - great podcast!