York Archaeological Trust’s Miranda Schmeiderer is joined in conversation in a new podcast released daily throughout That JORVIK Viking Thing.

Monday 15 February – Viking Storytelling with Lucas Norton, the ‘Skald’ from our Revr the Sly Sagas

Tuesday 16 February – Women in the Viking Age with Judith Jesch, Professor of Viking studies at the University of Nottingham

Wednesday 17 February – Celebrating Vikings in Yorkshire with Chris Tuckley, head of interpretation for York Archaeological Trust

Thursday 18 February – Viking Music with Alexander Milas, music journalist, film producer and host of An Evening with Einar Selvik

Friday 19 February – A Conversation with Terry Deary, author of the Horrible Histories series

Saturday 20 February – A Silly History Boys Crossover Special, including Fastulf (Stuart Perry), who guides visitors on our 360 degree immersive tour of Viking-age Coppergate.