That JORVIK Viking Thing Podcast

In Viking times, a ‘Thing’ was a gathering; a place where leaders and warriors could meet and talk. In the 21st century, our ‘Thing’ is a virtual place where history academics and enthusiasts from around the world can come together to share knowledge. Join us each episode as we dig into another fascinating topic about Vikings, archaeology, and more!

That JORVIK Medieval? Thing Podcast 2022:

Friday 24 June 2022 – Micklegate Bar: York’s Royal Entryway

Friday 8 July 2022 – “All the world’s a stage”: Shakespeare and Theatre in Elizabethan York

Friday 22 July 2022 – Penny Universities or Temples of Venus?: Georgian Coffee-Houses

Friday 5 August 2022 – “Alas poor Jorvik, I knew him well!”: The Viking Origins of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Friday 19 August 2022 – Barley Hall, A Hidden Gem of York

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