A Journey Through Viking York

Join us on a captivating walking tour through the historic streets of York, known in the Viking Age as Jorvik. On this immersive tour, you’ll meet Viking chacters who bring the city’s 200 years of Viking History to life. Starting at St Helen’s Square, where the Viking invaders first crossed the river Ouse, we’ll travel to iconic locations like York Minster, King’s Square, and the Ouse Bridge.

Through vivid storytelling and historical insights, you’ll explore how the Viking legacy is still present in York’s streets, language, and people. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a curious traveler, this tour promises to enlighten and entertain. Tune in, walk with us, and step back in time to Viking Age York.

Please Note: For the best experience, pause the audio at each designated location and resume once you’ve arrived. Enjoy your journey through Viking history!

0:00 – Viking Trail Introduction
1:01 – Location 1: St. Helen’s Square
1:51 – St. Helen’s Square: 867 CE – Jarl Bagsecg of the Great Heathen Army
8:05 – Location 2: York Minster
9:08 – York Minster: 921 CE – Gytha Sihtricsdottir, a Norse noblewoman
15:14 – Location 3: King’s Square
15:53 – King’s Square: 954 CE – Gunnlaug the Skald
24:16 – Location 4: Ouse Bridge
24:46 – Ouse Bridge: 960 CE – Salbjorg of Halogaland, a visiting trader
29:31 – Location 5: St. Mary’s Bishophill
30:15 – St. Mary’s Bishophill: 991 CE – Asvaldr, Christian Priest
35:27 – Location 6: Baile Hill
36:20 – Baile Hill: 1068 CE – Agfrithr Ormsdottir, a Viking Heiress
41:44 – Location 7: York Castle
42:19 – York Castle: 1075 CE – Hugh FitzBaldric, Norman Sheriff of Yorkshire
49:31 – Location 8: Coppergate
49:56 – Coppergate: 1080 CE – Ulfketel the Moneyer